Friday, September 28, 2012

Kettlebell Circuit Workout Routine for Fat Loss

Kettlebell Circuit Workout Routine for Fat Loss Video Clips. Duration : 5.72 Mins. VISIT THE LINK ABOVE TO JOIN THE LOOK BETTER NAKED ONLINE BOOTCAMP. .95 TRIAL! Join Kettlebell Khaos Online Today- http Click the link above to get your free Holiday Quickie Workout Guide. To buy the track in the video click the link below: Jason Yun performs a 5 exercise 50/10 Circuit for you to burn fat during the holiday season or any season. This is the 6th workout in the ebook. Kettlebells are a great way to train and keep your training fun and interesting. If you do not have any kettlebells, click the link above for the Holiday guide and you will also see some of the best places to buy kettlebell. The circuit is :50 on and :10 off which can be very challenging for a beginner. Simply do what you can and progress day by day. Progress is made inch by inch! 50/10 Circuit Round 1- Kettlebell Swing Round 2- Overhead Press Round 3- Renegade Rows/1-Handed Row Round 4- 1-Handed High Pulls Round 5- Turkish Get-Up Bottom Half Don't forget to subscribe to videos. And Rate and COmment Below



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